Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Art Deco Holo Nails

The base for this manicure is the magic Spacecraft from Dance Legend. Then I've stamped on a pattern from MoYou London Pro Collection-06. The stamping polish is Essie No Place Like Chrome.

I'm pretty satisfied with the result. I like that the nails are only partially covered by the pattern so that the lovely holo shines trough :)

How do you like this manicure?

Monday, 1 September 2014

Isadora Pool Crush - swatches and review

Let's start the week with a golden oldie ;) This is the pretty Pool Crush from IsaDora. A lovely blue textured polish. This is two coats.

Today is also my cat Smilla's birthday! 11 years today! Hurray for her!! :D


Type of polish: Textured.

Number of coats: Two.

Formula: Very good. Easy to control. Dries pretty fast.

Brush: Very wide straight cut brush.

Top Coat: No.

Grade: 4/5

How do you like Pool Crush?

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Turquoise Skittlette

The theme for today's Nail Art Sunday is "Skittlette". We had the same theme about a year ago and if you want to see that manicure click here.

The base for this skittlette is OPI Gone Gonzo! (ring finger) and I chose the rest to match that one. That resulted in a silver textured polish from Depend on the middle finger with the cool name of #2066 ;) and a turquoise polish from Color Club called Pure Energy. On two of the turquoise nails I did a glitter gradient with Gone Gonzo. All very matching and well thought through ;)

How do you like this skittlette?

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Chocolate Buttons Gradient Manicure

Warning for a big chocolate craving if you keep reading ;) But please do anyway! Lol!

This is a simple dotted gradient nail art but due to the choices of colors I made I think they look like chocolate buttons ;)

The base is By K Copper Heart and the buttons are made with dotting tools and By K Choco Mousse and By K Jet Stream. A pure By K polish nail art! :D

How do you like this manicure?
Did it make you crave chocolate… ;)

Friday, 29 August 2014

Glitter Gal Blue 3D/Holo - swatches and review

Friday means Holothon 2.0 and Holo Friday!

This beauty has waited far too long in my Helmer to be tried! It found its way to me via my dear friend Christine at Polished Marvels. Vielen Dank Süsse! <3

Great formula! This is 2 coats of totally crazy blue holo madness! :)


Type of polish: Holographic.

Number of coats: Two.

Formula: Very good! No bald spots.

Brush: Thin straight cut.

Top Coat: Yes. 

Grade: 5/5

This is a perfect blue holo polish! Great formula! Fanstastic blue shade! Amazing rainbows! The only complaint I have is the name… Blue?? Please…!! ;)

How do you like this polish?

This is what the other Holothon ladies are showing today:

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Dance Legend The Knight - swatches and review

Time for a real show stopper! This beauty was so hard to get! It disappeared from the shop shelves the minute it was launched - EVERY time!! In the end I finally managed to get hold of a mini bottle. Yay!! :D

And it was worth waiting for I can tell you!! Wow!! What a stunning multichrome polish!! Hence all the pictures today ;)

This is two coats and the color shifts are magic and easy to spot! Totally unique in my collection!!


Type of polish: Multichrome.

Number of coats: Two, but it's a possible one coater on short nails.

Formula: Ok formula. A bit runny. Apply with easy hands to avoid bald spots and brushstrokes.

Brush: Thin straight cut brush.

Top Coat: Yes. 

Grade: 5+++++++++++/5

I don't care that this polish hasn't got the best of formulas, just look at it! It's amazing!!

How do you like The Knight?